Concrete Services in Nicholasville, Lexington & Frankfort, KY

80 yard pool deck Lexington, KY

240 yard pour for Clays Mill Baptist Church

Diamond Grind Seal & Finish Driveway

Grind, polish and stain for the new Best Western in Lexington, KY

Finished, heated & polished floors for new house

Warehouse Slab Cynthiana, KY

Polished Concrete with 800 Grit, LS Guard, and Burnished at EKU Science Building in Richmond, KY

Stamped concrete system , Pattern: large Ashlar Slate - Color: Cool gray and platinum and gray release

Seamless texture stamped overlay - Front porch: Stone gray and classic gray release

Seamless texture stamped concrete

Polished concrete. Ocean Blue. Polished 800 grit. 1 coat of LS guard. Burnished

Mechanical diamond grind and polished level III sheen In Tates Creek Rd, Lexington KY

Kings Oliver Elementary School Cafeteria - Louisville ,KY

Catholic Action Center- Lexington ,KY

Some more of our process and work

Our Work From 2016