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The professionals at Hemenway Concrete can help you improve the look of your business' floors by installing polished concrete. We have handled flooring for car dealerships, restaurants and any type of commercial space in between.

We specialize in commercial polished concrete floors, so we always stand behind our work. When you choose Hemenway Concrete Contracting Inc., you can rest knowing that your job will be done on time and within budget.

And if you think that polished concrete floors limit your flooring choice to dull gray, think again! With our concrete polishing, we offer a variety of finishing options including colorants, saw cuts, engraving and even stenciled art. Your new polished concrete floors aren't just durable and long-lasting, they can also be beautiful!

Wondering how replacing your current flooring with polished concrete can benefit your business? Well, polished concrete can provide these great benefits:

  • Elimination of dusting from efflorescence
  • Stain- resistant
  • Increased slip resistance
  • Less maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • LEED friendly
  • Improved condition for old floors (mechanical polish only)
  • Reduced tire wear (mechanical polish)
  • No production/ plan shutdowns (dry-polish mechanical)
  • Dense, polished surface helps protect against absorption of oils, vinegar, red wine and other spills
  • Resists tire marks from fork trucks, pallet jacks and other traffic
  • Harder and stronger than other floor finishes
  • 40% more abrasion resistant than unfinished concrete
  • 30% increase in ambient light reflection from unfinished concrete
  • 20% in crease in impact resistance than unfinished concrete
  • Flatter, more level surface

Contact us today to see how our commercial concrete polishing services can improve your facility.

What Hemenway Concrete Construction Can Help Your Business With:

  • Concrete cleaning & polishing
  • Concrete staining
  • Concrete repair & Restoration
  • Concrete pouring

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